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Every week I share tips, ideas and stories teaching you how to improve your communication skills, develop your confidence in dating and discover your own unique traits and abilities to help you become somebody great.


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Videos for teens

Latest teen advice from Josh

Josh offers weekly advice for teens on how to navigate dating, friendships, school, home life, and more!
Did She Block You For NO Reason? Make THIS Your Next Move
Here's how to find out why she did it and how to deal with that feeling of despair after being blocked...
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The TOXIC Masculinity of NOT Being a Ladies Man
If you're not succeeding in dating, are you even a "real man"? Ideas like this are HURTING men and it's...
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Should a Girl's Body Count Matter? Here's The TRUTH!
What does a girl's body count ACTUALLY reveal about her? Here are my thoughts on whether the number of...
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Approach ANY Girl You Want Using the 3-Second Rule
This simple formula for approaching girls will help you get over your nervousness around them and will...
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The BEST Person For You to Ask Out on Valentine’s Day Is... ❤️
Not sure who you should ask to be your Valentine's Day date? Here's a quick checklist of who you 100%...
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5 Personality Traits You NEED as a Guy To Get MORE Dates
Are you the type of guy that girls want to date? Here are the personality traits you need to consistently...
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Want to Date Your Friend's HOT Sibling? Avoid THIS Mistake!
Here's how to get your friend on board with you dating their sibling and how to convince them that you're...
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How To REJECT a Friend Who Likes You Without Being MEAN
If there's someone that has a crush on you and you don't feel the same, here's how to reject them while...
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Breaking Free from Your Crush Obsession (How To Do It RIGHT!)
Here's what you need to do to get over your crazy crush obsession and start focusing on yourself so you...
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