Start conversations with anyone you want and never worry about running out of things to say ever again.

This guide will give you a breakdown of 20 ice breaker conversation starters complete with:

    What is an ice breaker anyway?

    An ice breaker is ANYTHING that is said or done to break the tension between two people. The reason I say anything is because it can range from asking a question to walking around in a bunny costume.


    For now, let’s scrap the bunny costume idea and focus on asking questions. Not just any questions though, fun and exciting questions that will not only get the other person engaged in the conversation but will make them open up to you so all the awkwardness goes away.


    That sounds good, right?


    The reason I put together this guide is that tons of people have reached out to me asking HOW to start a conversation when they:


    A.) Don’t know what to say
    B.) Don’t know how to keep the conversation going


    Is this something you’re having trouble with?


    If so then this guide is definitely something you should check out. What I’ve done is outline three categories of questions that help relieve some of the tension in a conversation because they dig into the other person’s favorite subject to talk about: themselves.

    Why do people like to talk about themselves?

    I know it may seem a little weird to say that but it’s true. Think about, what do you know more about in this world other than your own interests and experiences?


    The reason why people like to talk about themselves is that it’s something they can speak confidently about. If someone asks me what my favorite movie is, I can talk about it in great length simply because it’s what I personally enjoy and there’s no wrong answer for it.


    And that’s sort of what I’m leading into with this guide, the 20 ice breaker conversation starters are personal questions you can ask someone to get them to open up to you and to share things about themselves that will help you:


    A.) Learn about their personality to see if they are someone you can be interested in
    B.) Lead into a deeper conversation so you can really extract a better understanding of who they REALLY are


    Starting conversations is NOT easy to do, especially when it comes to talking to a complete stranger. But even if it’s someone you’re randomly approaching in the hallway at school, at a public park in your city or even a new co-worker at your job, these conversation starters will help you instantly build trust with them.

    How do you know this will work?

    The truth is, I don’t know if it will work 100% of the time. But what I do know is that learning how to start a conversation by asking the right kinds of questions will help you feel more relaxed around the stranger and it will help them feel more comfortable talking to you in general.

    The reason I can say that is because I’ve been sharing advice on YouTube since 2011 and I have helped thousands of teens and young adults develop their confidence skills over the years. I consider myself a Motivational Speaker on YouTube where I help people learn how to be their best selves.

    My idea of developing your best self is practicing the skills of confidence, mindfulness, and compassion with others. I don’t consider myself a dating coach or a dating guru. I’m not just trying to help you get a girlfriend or pick up chicks, I really want to help you explore what it means in your own ideas to be somebody great.

    I think that together we can do that and it all starts with this guide. I hope it’s helpful in some way, I would love to hear your story after you’ve downloaded it, read it, and tried out some of the conversation starters for yourself.


    As always guys, love, and peace.