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Embracing the awkward

Life is filled with awkward and embarrassing moments that can either lift you up or knock you down. In this talk, Josh discusses the secret behind real confidence and how to create a lifestyle where you can embrace the awkward moments you run into with your friends, your family and in your own self-discovery of who you really are.


Peace starts here

When it comes to maintaining a social life, passing your classes at school and dealing with annoying parents and/or siblings, it’s easy to feel stressed out and overwhelmed. In this talk, Josh discusses how to create a strong and healthy foundation for calmness and peace with mindful tools like breathing exercises and meditation, your students will learn the wonderful benefits of being in the present moment.


You can be somebody great

It’s hard to realize how important we can be to the lives of others. The impact we can have on inspiring, motivating and being a leader others can count on. In this talk, Josh discusses finding your path and purpose in life and using your talents to create meaningful change. in today’s day and age where it’s needed now more than ever..


How to get someone
to like you

What is the best way to get to know someone that you like? How do you get them to like you back? When it comes to dating, there are so many questions that are just too awkward to explore with your parents. In this talk, Josh discusses the types of feelings you may start to grow as you get older and how to express those feelings in a way that is respectful, confident and consensual.


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Here’s what educators have to say

School counsellor at Blueprint Middle School

He helped the students know that being a YouTuber is a full-time commitment and may not be able to fully support you financially. His visit was impactful and has made a mark on many students lives seeking careers as YouTuber.

Jenenea Hall