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Event details

  • Kingsborough community college
  • 25+ Students and faculty
  • 1-Hour Talk W/ Q&A

Event takeaways

Take the good with the bad

Surround yourself with happy people

Take on a new skill or activity

Put a pause on chasing happiness

Practice saying no

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Special projects manager at kingsborough community college

Josh has a way of connecting with people of all ages.

I was invited to speak in a workshop for the students and faculty about happiness and how to integrate it into your lifestyle. Alongside my wife who is a special projects manager for Student Affairs in Kingsborough we both presented a workshop on the topic of Happiness titled “Happiness Hacks” where we walked through.


Every year, Kingsborough Community College holds a Wellness Festival event for students and faculty to learn more about mental health and wellness resources locally available. Workshops also run along the day-long event where students can learn about what the campus is doing to help students manage stress, both at home and in school.

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