How to ask a girl out in 2023 (what you need to know!)

If you want to know how to ask out a girl in 2023 there are definitely things that you need to know about dating and relationships that are going to be a little bit different this year.


A recent study done by walked through some of the trends that we should expect to see this year. Some of it is totally obvious while the other points just totally caught me off-guard.



I would say one of the biggest takeaways from this study is that 55% of the people that took it rated things like common goals and values to be more important to them than physical appearance and attraction.


Now 55% is a very slim majority but it’s still worth taking note of. Having common interests with that person, shared goals, shared visions, and learning those pieces about who they are is going to allow you to form a deeper connection with them and if you feel like you’re not the most attractive person ever you still have a fighting chance.


That isn’t to say that physical appearance and attraction don’t matter at all. They absolutely do. What we’re actually talking about here is what people think is the most important thing they look for in a person, not the only thing they look for. So before you ask that person out you definitely want to make sure that you’re working on being your best self. That means presenting yourself in the best physical way possible, working on your communication skills, your listening skills, and your storytelling abilities too.


The question though is how are people asking each other out in 2023? Is there a new way to do it? Something you have to learn? A new app you should be on? Let me break it down as simply as I can.


People will continue to ask each other out in person. That’s probably something that’s never going to go away.


And as I mentioned in a previous video, the research shows that meeting people through some kind of mutual connection is the best way. Through friends, through school, through some kind of organization. Somewhere where the two of you have something in common that’s going to bring you together.


But let’s be real here, dating apps are on the rise. More and more people are meeting each other online. Dating is a lot more accessible now than it’s ever been but that doesn’t actually mean it’s easier to find someone to date. If you’re taking the dating app route you can run into your own unique set of challenges.


One of them is that there are way too many guys out there competing for a small set of women. Girls get tons and tons of messages, tons and tons of DMs that asking them out almost seems kind of useless because you’re just one of many other guys that are in their inbox.


And unless you’re really good-looking or really stand out in your photos or your message is just so unique that it just catches her attention it’s going to be hard to succeed there. Doesn’t mean it’s impossible, doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying, it’s just gonna be hard.


But, another common trend that I’m noticing more and more that’s definitely going to carry into this new year is that people are using apps like Instagram and TikTok to discover people, develop crushes and then ask them out there.


Everyone is a content creator nowadays. Whether you’re just making fun TikToks or you’re posting on your Instagram Stories, people are watching your life unfold. So, if you’re a guy that likes a girl that you discover through one of these platforms and you want to ask her out it’s actually more common than you think.


The question though is how do you even make something like that work? I mean, you’re just a follower of theirs how do you even get them to notice you?


Well, there are lots of different strategies around that, I’ll link up a video breaking down what I think you can do but I think ultimately what we’re seeing in the research is that more and more people are dating online well before they even meet in person.


This year, virtual dates are going to be way more common than they ever were before. It’s just a whole lot easier to jump on a video chat with someone and go on a date that way. What the research actually shows to support this is that more and more people are open to this idea, and more and more people are also open to the idea of dating someone that lives totally far away from them.


Nearly one-third of the people who took that survey said they were open to the idea of dating someone in a different city or state or country.


So, if you meet someone online that lives in a totally different area than you, you could still ask them out. Go on a virtual date and then the two of you can figure out that long-distance piece together.


Long-distance relationships can be difficult to maintain though. Especially if you’re starting from the point of long-distance and hoping to come together eventually.


So what do you really need to know before you ask a girl out in 2023? Well, you want to look for those common interests, shared goals, and shared values. That’s going to allow you to see whether or not this is a person actually worth pursuing. You’re also going to want to be more open to the idea of having virtual dates.


Trust me, you’re going to jump on video chats way more often than you think this year with that person and that’s going to make up the bulk of your dates until the two of you can actually have more in-person dates and you’re comfortable with it.


And also you’re going to want to be more open to the idea of meeting people in places that you didn’t expect to before. That might be online, that might be through TikTok, that might be in person. There’s a whole world of people out there that you can ask out and get to know better.


So get yourself hyped up because there’s one thing I want you to really know and that is that you have what it takes to be somebody great. There’s something unique about you that you bring to the table and in every conversation, you have with someone. So if there’s a girl you like, let her see that. Let her see who you are. Let her see your best self.


On that note, I’ll catch you next time.
As always, love and peace.

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