If You Want a Girlfriend, STOP Making This Dating Mistake RIGHT NOW

If you’re reading this, chances are you want to have more success in your dating life, and it all starts with setting the right type of goals. You’d be surprised how often people set goals around dating that just never pan out.


While these may seem like totally normal dating goals, there’s actually one glaring problem that’s holding you back from ever accomplishing them. Let me tell you what it is.



If you’re someone with little to no dating experience, chances are the biggest mistake that you’re making is setting a goal that is way too big.


You might tell yourself something like “I want to have a girlfriend by the end of the year,” which seems kind of reasonable, but you’re skipping all the small steps that it actually takes to get there. Instead of hyper-fixating on what you want, take it a few steps back and ask yourself:


  • Do I have the social skills to interact with girls the way that I want to?
  • Do I know how to kiss them?
  • Do I know how to ask them out?
  • Do I feel confident sharing more about myself with any girl that I like?




















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