How To Win a Fight Against a Bully


Heya playa, be honest with me for a second here, are you being bullied? It’s ok if you are and I know you’ve heard the advice “just ignore them” so many times that it goes in one ear and out the other, but today I want to teach you something different. Today you’re gonna learn how to fight back.

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Bullying comes in many different kinds of forms. It can be peopling calling you names, others giving you wet willies or even people shoving you around in front of others just because they feel like it. And what I want you to know is that there are a number of ways to dismantle a bully once you understand why they’re picking on you. Most bullies lack self esteem and feel the need to pick on others so that at least someone can pay attention to them.

They’re often focused on the drama surrounding the bullying process. Their ultimate goal is to get you to react excessively so they can point fingers at you so that no one is looking at them. That’s why the way to beat most bullies is to not play into their head games. The majority of the time, they’re aiming to damage you psychologically but if you focus on building the necessary self confidence and self worth that you need, their comments won’t even affect you.

If you wanna learn more tips on building self confidence, check out my video right here because your ultimate goal is to learn how to stare them down, not be phased by what they say, look them in the eyes and say “Man, you’re really pathetic”. But if you find yourself getting hurt or shaken up by the things that they say, then they’re only going to strike back harder until that hole in your tolerance shield grows and grows.

And even if you have to pretend, fake it till you make it, don’t let them see that their verbal comments and attacks are affecting you in any way. They don’t care what your insult back to them is, all they care about is gaining satisfaction from breaking you down, so don’t give that to them.

But the time has come, you’re standing there, one on one with the bully in front of a crowd of people waiting to see if you’re gonna put up or shut up, what do you do? Your goal should be to incapacitate them for the rest of the fight so that you can walk away with the least amount of damage done to you as possible.

Bullies love to make a show which is why they’ll do little things to try to instigate you like shoving you, talking right in front of your face or even throwing things at you. They’ll do anything they can to get you to respond and if this is the case, remember to revert back to the psychological mental game. If you see them trying to put on a show for attention, laugh at first and see if you can shrug it off and walk away.

But, if you see this isn’t working and they’re continuing to press on you, always make sure to get that first strike. This might be with a punch or a grab but try your best to lay in a hold move which is either an arm lock or a headlock just so that you can pin them down and hold them there so that they don’t do any damage to you. If you can keep them at bay and hold them down, try to get the crowd around you to contact an adult.

They’ll either be bored that there’s no fight or they’ll just see that you won, you got him, this thing is over. Another thing to remember is that bullies generally are weak. So if their friends see the main guy getting beat up, they may feel the need to jump in so always make sure your back is closest to the wall so that none of them can attack you from behind.

What do you think, did you ever get into a fight with a bully? How did you handle it? Leave your comment below so we can talk about it.

This is actually my second video about bullying, if you want to check out my first, click on the video right here where the thug Jose will teach you how to deal with bullying. Defense is the key word here. Always aim to defend yourself, and never be the aggressor unless it’s absolutely necessary. Because the key to winning a fight is to avoid it all together.

As always guys, love and peace.


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