Hire Josh to Speak at Your School

Josh is a motivational mentor for teenagers and young adults all around the world.

After speaking for 5+ years on YouTube, Josh has developed the skill to instantly build trust and earn the respect of the students he speaks with.

Josh has also spoken at middle schools and high schools all across New York, inspiring students to be open about their struggles and to develop the confidence to work through their challenges.

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Reaching over 100,000 teens and young adults across 300+ videos, Josh helps students learn the skills of compassion and confidence, helping them to learn how to be their best self.

Programs Josh Teaches

(Each program can be modified in length for different grade levels)
Building Confidence & Compassion

Josh discusses the traits of a confident person and helps students outline a daily routine for cultivating the skill in every interaction.

Managing Anxiety & Stress

Josh teaches practicing mindfulness in troubling times and how to use breathing to resolve anxious feelings and lower stress levels.

Finding Your Path & Purpose

Josh helps students understand the good they are capable of doing in the world and help them craft a strategy for building a lifestyle around it.

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