Getting Ready for the New Year: Q&A with The Josh Speaks


As your winter break comes to a close and we head into the new year, I wanna prep you guys with as much knowledge as I can and answer as many questions from you as humanly possible in 2 hours. Let’s kick off this new year and your return to school with a new confident perspective on life!

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00:00 – Welcome Intro
02:28 – How do I not get stressed out over bad decisions I make?
09:18 – What’s the best way to be more spiritually happy?
14:24 – How do I get my ex-girlfriend to stop fighting with me and move on?
17:26 – How do I share gifts with my crush? (Link)
25:05 – How do I not hurt the feelings of a girl that likes me but I don’t like her?
28:10 – How to determine if someone is worth being your friend?
31:35 – As a 9th grader should I be dating? (Link)
35:26 – How can I center myself when someone is negative towards me?
41:50 – How do I date in middle school? Where can I go? What do I do about my parents?
49:47 – How do I find out if someone likes me and how do I tell my friends I’m bisexual?
53:32 – Should I try to ask out a girl that I know doesn’t like me?
55:07 – How can I be best friends with an ex-friend who’s angry with me?
57:15 – What is an example of a conversation starter?
01:00:29 – How do I talk to my crush when we’re both scared to talk to each other?
01:03:41 – How can I be less awkward with my girlfriend?
01:06:27 – How can I date a girl me when her parents don’t feel comfortable with it?
01:08:46 – My crush sends me kisses emojis, does she like me?
01:11:36 – How can I ask my friend to bring my crush to my party?
01:15:40 – How do I find a girlfriend that will like video games?
01:18:52 – How can I rebuild my reputation? (Link)
01:22:36 – Is it normal to feel sad and depressed after someone I love has passed away?
01:25:40 – How can I start working out when I’m introverted and have a lot of schoolwork? (Link)
01:32:39 – Josh, what made you want to join YouTube? (Link)
01:35:46 – Should I just go up to a girl and ask her out?
01:38:56 – Is it wrong to be a junior interested in a freshman girl?
01:39:26 – How can I move on and stop thinking about my ex-girlfriend?
01:42:43 – My crush’s best friend asked me who I like, what do I do?
01:44:44 – How can I deal with annoying relatives? (Link)
01:48:00 – Do you have any advice for small YouTubers?
01:50:43 – Should I date a freshman girl from another school (Link)
01:52:58 – How do I talk to my crush when I only see her for a few minutes a day?
01:55:40 – How do I prepare for college if I’m in middle school?
01:57:50 – How do I deal with jealousy? (Link)
01:59:40 – Should I introduce my crush to video games?
02:00:24 – What are some easy workouts to do?
02:01:10 – How do I deal with having to put my dog down?
02:03:25 – What type of workout should I do?
02:05:22 – How do I ask out a white girl if I am black? (Link)
02:08:22 – What do I do if I’m Jewish and no one likes me?
02:10:07 – How do I not get physical with someone who really annoys me?
02:13:32 – What advice do you have for making friends outside of your race or religion?
02:16:26 – What do I do if someone is causing me physical or sexual harm?
02:19:20 – Should I try to get close to someone who I met over the summer? (Link)