Eco Festival

Eco Festival Panel


  • Kingsborough Community College
  • 50+ students and faculty
  • 1-hour Q&A panel


  • Finding inner peace within ourselves
  • Walking an inspirational path of kindness
  • Being mindful of what we consume
  • Observing the situation before speaking
  • Accepting that others think differently


Let me share my tips and updates on what I’m learning from students in person and online with you.

I was invited to speak on the panel at Eco Festival about mindful activism along with other panelists who are focused on practicing mindfulness in their approach towards conversations with others, environmental discussions, and personal responsibility.

Together we discussed what we do to educate others and inspire them to take care of themselves as a first step approach towards changing the world.

I shared my mission to help teens and young adults living mindfully with kindness as their primary focus for what they choose to eat, buy and communicate with others in their lives.

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