How To Deal with Rejection From Your Crush


Heya playas, let’s say you’ve finally worked up the courage to ask out your crush. You walk up to them and say hi, you ask them out and then you get rejected. It sucks, it really sucks when someone rejects you but don’t worry because in this video, I’m gonna teach exactly how to deal with rejection so that it doesn’t bring you down.

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One of the big misconceptions that we have about people that we like is that we assume that they somehow like us back. We start to analyze everything. From their movements, to their looks, to their behaviors or any other sign to prove that they may like us. And when we find out that they don’t it can piss us off, it can hurt our feelings it can do a lot of damage. So the key thing to remember is that if you like someone you aren’t entitled to them liking you back.

Attraction is something that you build so if you find yourself getting rejected by them, just remember that you didn’t spend enough time building attraction. And by building attraction I mean either flirting with them or talking with them enough so that they can get the hint that you like them and you’re not just being too-friendly. Sometimes rejection can leave you feeling depressed like you’re undateable or something. But the truth is, you’re NOT undateable, you may just not be compatible with that person. Too many times, people put all of their eggs in one basket.

They like one person and decide, well that’s the only person I’m only going to have feelings for, that’s the only person I’m going to talk to or think about, or want to ask out or plan my entire future with. But the two major things that you should focus on are testing for compatibility and building a bigger network. It’s really simple, if you meet more people, there’s a much higher chance that you’ll come across someone that you like.

Plus if you go in with the mindset to talk to your crush to test their compatibility with you and you’re not just doing it cause you’re attracted to them, then if things don’t work out and you get rejected it won’t feel like such a big deal. I know it may seem kind of impossible to do because you’re so focused on this one person and you have feelings towards them and them alone,but trust me on this. The more people that you get to meet, the higher the chances of meeting someone that works for you.

And the more and more up’s and downs that you have, the more yes’ and no’s will help strengthen your ability if you get rejected in the future. I know what you’re thinking, in theory these tips may work but I need something that’s going to work for me right now. My crush rejected me and I don’t know what to do!

Well the last tip I have for dealing with rejection is to cut that person off completely. I’m talking about deleting them off Facebook, not liking any photos of theirs on Instagram, no longer texting them, and quitting with the Snapchats.

Keep in mind this is only a band aid solution. You’re simply covering up the problem and hoping that it heals on it’s own. And just like a cut covered up with a band-aid, you’re being inactive and letting time do it’s work rather than pro-active like the other solutions I recommended. But it is true, by cutting them off and letting time pass, you’re letting time heal itself here. You’re eventually going to forget about them and move on to something new.

What do you guys think though, have you ever been rejected by someone before? Leave your comments below and so we can talk about it.

It’s only through time, trial and error that you’ll eventually build a tolerance for rejection and be able to understand the other person’s perspective and why they said no. Maybe they’re weren’t feeling attracted? Maybe they didn’t feel comfortable? Maybe they just didn’t want to? In time we’ll learn to build out that perspective. And if you want to hear my other tips on rejection, check out my video right here I did a while back where I teach you how to deal with rejection, the Hillbilly way. Seriously, check out this video. I’m wearing a mullet wig.

As always guys, love and peace.