Josh is a motivational speaker for teens and young adults, aimed at helping them discover how to be their best self.

As a speaker on YouTube, Josh’s audience of 100,000+ subscribers tune in to watch his weekly videos. Josh has also spoken at Career Day events in several New York based Middle Schools, offering the supportive role of a brother, father or mentor that they can relate to.

Josh’s teaching approach is inspired by the late Fred “McFeeley” Rogers who taught children they are special just the way they are and Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hanh who speaks about cultivating peace in every step.

Josh helps teenagers develop the values of compassion towards other people, mindfulness of their own behaviors and actions and confidence in working towards being their best self.

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Ready to learn? Check out my library of 250+ videos teaching you how to be your best self.

I cover a wide range of topics featuring questions from middle schoolers and high schoolers alike. A few examples of my highest engaging videos are:

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